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Facebook square blue large floyd 7 months3 Junie Bella Olive

Previous pups...

Here are some pups from our previous litters. Look how they've grown!


Many thanks to their lovely families for sending them in, we love to see their progress!

Bella 'Tussilago Hot Gossip' (fawn),

Olive 'Tussilago's Beryl Cook' (black),

Juno 'Snugglepug Black Juniper'(black)


Adored by Janine and Tamsin Grindrod

Monty 18mths (T.Careless Whisper)2

Monty (Tussilago Careless Whisper) has grown into a handsome young man! Much loved and adored by Debbie, Gary and family.

Bruce and daddy Steve at home copy Bruce copy


(Tussilago Dr.Ruppel),

adored by Steph and Steve.


Seen here looking very handsome at one year and as a pup.


Truffles 3 yrs 4 copied crop Truffles 3years 1 copied crop


(Tussilago's Estella),

much loved by Carrie Oliver & family.


(left & right)

Bruce - all grown up! monty and friend Bella and Olive basket Olive 8 wks 'lady muck' doug ribbon Santa Dougie

Doug 'Tussilago Mister Sipsmith'


Worshipped and pampered by Russ, Sharon and the Leach family.


Seen here getting festive!

   Juno                      Bella                     Olive      

   4 years                         5 years                        3 years

Bertie 2 years - T.Better Luck

Bertie 'Tussilago's Better Luck'


Worshipped and adored by Holly Dewing and family.

floyd 10weeks

Floyd 'Tussilago's  Rebel Heart'

Living in the Netherlands with Meranda Sterk and family, at Dexterous Rascals kennel

Floyd at 7 months

Floyd at 10 weeks

Tubby 'Tussilago's Fire With Fire.

Much loved by Sarah Raynor and family.


Tubby lost his eye as a pup after an accident, still drop dead gorgeous though!


Seen here in their family business YouTube promo, aged 2 years.

Tubby T.Fire With Fire pup - flowerpot floyd 8 weeks

Floyd at 8 weeks

John T.Kiss You Off 2yrs

John 'Tussilago's Kiss You Off'


Joining in with the fun!


Adored by Sophie Collacott and family.