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Tussilago's Keepsake

Nigella is a very special little lady, she is the daughter of our beautiful late Maggie and our gorgeous Albert, so holds a special place in our hearts.


She is a very beautiful young lady, she has an excellent head with great wrinkle. Her body is stocky, yet feminine, with a well placed high set tail, lovely fine soft coat which is a lovely warm fawn colour.

She has a very cheeky nature, so playful and yet so loving and cuddly.


Nigella has some wonderful lines in her pedigree mainly Snugglepug, Myojo and Eastonite.


Hemivertebrae x-ray Clear, PDE n/s, Putnam Patella scored 0/0

(Myojo Rambling River to Tussilago x Snugglepug Miss Daisy at Tussilago)

DSCF4194 Nigella9wks2 Tussilago's Keepsake 4gen Nigella 11mths stand Nigella 10mth head2 Dam - Tussilago's Keepsake