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Snugglepug Miss Daisy at Tussilago

Maggie is from the top winning kennel, Snugglepug. We are most grateful to Elaine Arnold for letting us have this beautiful little girl.


Maggie is a lovely little pale fawn bitch. Wonderful silky fine coat, very pretty and feminine but with a big personality! Shes the perfect size, compact and has the most wonderful expression.


Always wanting to be the centre of attention you can't miss her, such a cheeky little madam. Shes a bit of a mummys girl and loves her cuddles.

(Snugglepug How's That x Snugglepug Crocodile Tears)

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27.07.2009 - 29.04.2014


Our beautiful Maggie passed away during a caesarean section. She is greatly missed and has left a pug shaped hole in our hearts and lives. She lives on in her lovely babies, a daughter will be staying here with us.

Sleep tight my Maggie Boo xxx

Snugglepug Miss Daisy at Tussilago 4gen