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Cole is Ediths partner in crime (formerly Daisys but she decided shes too 'grown-up' for daft shinannigans).

I thought I had better include him so as not to make him feel left out, he is the honorary pug after all!


Cole is a staffie, with something else added we think! He came to us as a bit of a rescue case. The poor thing was being attacked regularly by the owners other staffie. He was only 10 weeks old, we didnt ask questions we just took him there and then.


Once home he settled in straight away. Over the next year or so he turned out to be a bit of a 'runaway' dog. Always getting out at the slightest opertunity. I think he thought he was 'The Littlest Hobo'!

But as soon as he turned two, he calmed right down and now he never runs off. A very good obedient boy!


Hes a little star with my daughter, and he loves the pugs. He tolerates Daisys excessive washing of him with great dignity! She has managed to lick all the hair out of his ears, and he has developed 'Go-Faster stripes' down his flanks. Despite all this he is still a very handsome chap!


I hope you enjoy the pictures of this gorgeous boy....



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Cole and his friend Bully



Best friends

Handsome boy

King of the castle (well, the chairs!)


Little Cole


Uncle Cole and Lily

SDC10078 SDC10080

Edie, Coles little admirer...

Looking distinguished, with his emerging grey beard