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Tussilago's Coal To Diamonds

Betty is our very long awaited, homebred black girl! She is solid black with no white at all, we have waited a long time for a bitch like her.


A very pretty and feminine girl, she has a lovely glossy single black coat, good length of neck, great front, lovely movement and a nice balanced outline. Her head is beautiful and has the desired button ears, dark eyes and perfect nose roll. We are very pleased with how she has developed.

Betty has a lovely nature, so smart and typically for a black, naughty but nice!


She has some wonderful lines in her pedigree, Snugglepug, Adoram, Myojo and Eastonite.


Hemivertebrae x-ray Clear, PDE n/s, Putnam Patella scored 0/0

(Chimache King Of Spades x Lola Tania)

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